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Whet Your Appetite with an Aperitif in the Cayman Islands - Blog

Whet Your Appetite with an Aperitif in the Cayman Islands
30 Mar 2018
by fede

Whet Your Appetite with an Aperitif in the Cayman Islands

Enhance your dining experience at Bacaro, a famous restaurant in Grand Cayman, at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, with an “aperitif”, a drink before dinner that stimulates your appetite and teases your taste buds for the meal to come.

Aperitif is a French word derived from the Latin ‘aperire’ meaning “to open’.” An aperitif is literally meant “to open” the digestive system before a meal. It is usually a dry rather than sweet alcoholic drink, and typically may be vermouth, champagne, gin or dry sherry.

A Brief History of the Aperitif

As you approach fine dining in the Cayman Islands, be sure to start with an aperitif. While the use of aperitifs was first mentioned by a 5th century monk, the invention of vermouth in 1796 by Antonio Carpano in Turin, Italy, kick-started its popularity.

In 1846, French chemist Joseph Dubonnet created a wine-based drink that used herbs and spices to mask its bitter taste, as the drink was used to deliver malaria-fighting quinine. Dubonnet’s wife was fond of the drink and had all of her friends try it, which led to its popularity. In the 19th century, aperitifs were served in fashionable Italian cafes, or “Bacari” and the drink gradually spread throughout the world.

Appetizing Therapy - Aperitifs at Bacaro in the Cayman Islands

Having a well-crafted drink before a meal helps improve the flavour of food and allows you and enhances your dining experience. At Bacaro, we offer a wide selection of exciting aperitifs including unique cocktails created by our expert mixologists, wines by the glass, carafe or bottle and of course the typical Venetian aperitif “Aperol spritz”.

Our waterfront restaurant in the Cayman Islands is committed to friendly and knowledgeable service and warm hospitality. Our Venetian-inspired restaurant uses fresh,local ingredients prepared as affordable, small plates.

Visit us every Tuesday through Saturday from 5-7 p.m. for happy hour. Enjoy a beverage and chichetti (nibbles) at our Italian restaurant in the Cayman Islands, while you take in our expansive waterfront views indoors or outdoors - a great place to watch the sun set.

We extend an open invitation to come and enjoy a refreshing aperitif at our restaurant in the revamped Cayman Islands Yacht Club. “Salute!”