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Savour the Best of Venice - ‘Cicchetti’ in the Cayman Islands - Blog

Savour the Best of Venice - ‘Cicchetti’ in the Cayman Islands
02 May 2018
by fede

Savour the Best of Venice - ‘Cicchetti’ in the Cayman Islands

When in Cayman, do as the Venetians do: Head out to a bàcaro for some delectable small bites or nibbles (“cicchetti”) paired with a nice glass of wine. In this case, head to Bacaro, one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands, for these tantalizing bites, small or large plates, all prepared with Venetian flair.

The word for the tradition of serving these kinds of “appetizers” in Venice goes back some 500 years, as the ancient name for a place to stop for a quick drink or a bite. The tradition continued into more modern eras, when workers stopped for a drink on the way home and some inexpensive nibbles were added so they could drink a bit longer!   

To a point, Venetian social life is coined in an apt phrase - "Andémo béver un'ombra," which loosely translated means "Let's go have a glass of wine”. This invitation widely extends to having a good conversation with friends, concluding business and enjoying a relaxing end to the day.

Over the years, the small bites that are consumed along with wine have become quite fashionable, and now they are a popular addition to fine dining in Cayman.

At Bacaro, this Venetian tradition has helped make us a famous restaurant in Grand Cayman. We invite you to try our very own presentation of “cicchetti.”

Before you sample our nibbles, however, we would like to recommend that you whet your appetite with an aperitif to stimulate your taste buds and relax before making your menu selections.

Among our cicchetti, may we recommend our smoked goat cheese and tomato bruschetta, our signature prosciutto-wrapped grissini or classic fish cakes with tartar sauce. 

Other popular selections include polpette in umido (beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce).

We also offer gluten-free options: spiced toasted almonds, an oyster Bloody Caesar shot and marinated mixed olives. 

Come and enjoy a little taste of Venice, and experience “bàcaro” in the Cayman Islands!