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Its Official...Gin is really Italian! - Blog

Its Official...Gin is really Italian!
09 Jan 2019
by fede

Its Official...Gin is really Italian!

Despite popular belief that the origins of gin lie in Holland, it is Italy that can lay claim to this most delicious spirit. Along Italy’s Salerno Coast in 1050 AD, Monks blended locally foraged juniper (“ginepro”, in Italian) with spirit in the Monastery kitchens to create what we now know as Gin as a medicinal spirit.

So that`s why Bacaro, recognized as one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands, is offering a special gin menu on Saturday afternoons between 4 PM until 7 PM. Gin bars have been a big hit in Europe and the USA for the past few years, but Bacaro is the only Waterfront restaurant in the Cayman Islands to offer a special Gin cocktail menu paired with authentic Venetian appetizers and mellow acoustic live music.

Our expert mixologists have created a unique and exciting Gin cocktail menu

  • fragole
    Plymouth gin, strawberries, pink peppercorn
  • cetriolo
    St George terroir gin, rosemary, cucumber
  • citronella
    Bloom gin, lemongrass, ginger
  • peperone
    Mare gin, basil, red pepper
  • ananas
    Bombay star gin, pineapple, thyme
  • figura
    Bummer & Lazarus gin, fig, stilton
  • limone
    Citadelle gin, lemon, basil
  • verde
    Botanist gin, celery, cucumber, mint
  • speziato
    Bombay east gin, red chili, lime, cilantro
  • mele
    Hendricks gin, green apple, lavender
  • ciliegia
    Tanqueray gin, cherry, black berry, black pepper
  • pompelmo
    Tanqueray 10 gin, pink grapefruit, cucumber
  • pitcher of sangria $ 25

all prices are in CI Dollars

A 15% gratuity will be added to the final bill

Our gins are sourced from around the world, and we use only the highest quality tonic water, homemade infusions and botanicals to highlight the versatility of this amazing spirit. Try a refreshing “Citronella” made with Bloom gin, lemongrass and ginger… or indulge in a spicy “Ciliegia”, an alchemy of Tanqueray gin, cherry, blackberry and black pepper.

All our gin recipes pair beautifully with our famous “cichetti” nibbles. Why not try a selection of our $3 menu items, or if you are in the mood for sharing, our $25 cichetti platter is the ideal accompaniment?

Located at the beautiful Cayman Islands Yacht club, Bacaro is the perfect place to sip a carefully crafted cocktail, listen to relaxing music and enjoy the spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. “Salute!”