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Celebrate Carnival in the Cayman Islands - Blog

Celebrate Carnival in the Cayman Islands
25 Feb 2019
by fede

Celebrate Carnival in the Cayman Islands

The carnival season is just around the corner and although the Mardi Gras and Rio festivities start in March, in Venice, we start things early with Carnivale di Venezia on February 16th. Bacaro is one of the Best Cayman restaurants and the only Italian restaurant in the Cayman Islands offering genuine Venetian cuisine. Why not start your carnival celebrations early at our fabulous waterfront location at the Cayman Yacht Club?


Carnival, or Carnevale, has been celebrated for centuries throughout Italy. The name is said to derive from the words carne vale - 'farewell to meat' - which explain the function of the celebration: an opportunity to indulge and use up such treats before the start of Lent (like an extended Pancake Day). The iconic characteristic of the Venetian Carnival is the wearing of extravagant masks and costumes. The masks were originally designed to hide reveller`s class or status, but were later used as a criminal disguise leading to their banning in 1939. Nowadays, the beautiful and ornate masks represent the fun, frivolity and tradition of Carnivale.


Frittelle - Carnival Dish

Probably the most famous Carnivale dish is Frittelle. Frittelle are fried sweet doughnuts (sometimes corn meal polenta or rice used) covered in sugar and can be found plain or filled with cream custard, nutella or chocolate. Street vendors will be selling these freshly battered and fried during the cities festivities and are not to be missed for any food lover with a sweet tooth.

Cicchetti, are small bites or nibbles normally served with an aperitif. At Bacaro, we offer a large variety of Ciccetti including smoked goat cheese and tomato bruschetta, our signature gorgonzola and potato croquettes or classic fish cakes with tartar sauce.

Other popular selections include polpette in umido (beef and pork meatballs in tomato sauce).

Prosecco is the local wine of the Veneto region and is a Carnivale favourite. At Bacaro, we offer prosecco by the glass or you could sample a prosecco based aperitif like Aperol Spritz or Bellini to accompany our delicious and authentic Venetian inspired dishes.

To make you feel a little like you were in Venice during the Carnevale period, when you order dessert to end your lunch meal, the chef will send you a complimentary serving of cream filled Frittelle!

So why not start your Carnival celebrations in Cayman by joining us at Bacaro at the Cayman Islands Yacht club? We can`t promise you masks or street artist performers, but we can promise you a warm welcome and a great dining experience at our beautiful waterfront location.