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“BIGOLI” ALL’ANATRA…. a taste of Veneto in Cayman - Blog

“BIGOLI” ALL’ANATRA…. a taste of Veneto in Cayman
30 Oct 2018
by fede

“BIGOLI” ALL’ANATRA…. a taste of Veneto in Cayman

If you are looking for a fine dining experience with amazing views, then look no further than Bacaro in the Cayman Island Yacht Club. As one of the most authentic Cayman Island Italian restaurants, you can enjoy delicious Venetian inspired dishes, innovative cocktails and fantastic wines in a beautiful waterfront ambience.


Venetian cuisine is more than great fish!

My home town, Venice is rightly recognised for its amazingly diverse and high quality seafood…but if you venture into the surrounding waterways leading to the Venetian lagoon, you will discover an amazing breeding ground for a wide variety of wildfowl. In my opinion, the most prized of these is “germane real” ...a breed of duck that matches brilliantly with pasta dishes.

Bigoli…a special Venetian pasta

Each region in Italy has its own type of pasta. In Veneto, our signature pasta (and my mamma`s speciality) is “bigoli.” Made with flour, egg, butter, salt and water, our fresh bigoli resemble large spaghetti pasta. These large pasta strands are a perfect pairing for Bacaro`s, flavoursome roasted duck ragout topped with a generous helping of our freshly grated parmesan cheese. This classic Venetian dish is offered on our “Grandi” (large plates) menu for customers preferring a heartier alternative to our large small plate offerings, and is one of my personal favourites as it reminds me of home.

Comfort doesn`t have to compromise on quality

Whether joining us for a fine dining meal, or just a drink, snack or dessert, at our waterfront restaurant in Cayman, you can enjoy the perfect blend of sophistication and warm hospitality. Make a reservation today and enjoy our authentic Venetian food and service in our beautiful Caribbean location.