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Baccala...An Italian Seasonal Favourite - Blog

Baccala...An Italian Seasonal Favourite
21 Dec 2018
by fede

Baccala...An Italian Seasonal Favourite

Christmas is coming to Cayman and it’s a great time to celebrate with great food and wine. Every country has a classic Christmas and Holiday dish to welcome the festive season. In Italy, and Venice in particular, the Christmas eve favourite is codfish Baccala.

Cod is no ordinary fish. For one thing, it has the dubious distinction of being the only fish that navy battles have fought over. Treasured by the Vikings and modern day fishermen…it has been at the centre of trade wars for centuries. When fresh or frozen, it is called cod (or merluzzo), when its air cured, it`s referred to as “stockfish” (or stoccafisso) and finally, when it is salt cured it is called” Baccala.”

The legend is that Baccala arrived in Italy after a Venetian trading ship was rescued off the Norwegian coast by local fishermen. The Norwegians sent the Venetian sailors home with a supply of stockfish…and the rest, as they say is history as Venice is now the world`s biggest importer of Norwegian codfish.

Baccala has been a favourite dish at Bacaro since we opened in the Cayman Islands Yacht club in 2017. As a classic Venetian dish, it has helped our restaurant become one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands.

Baccala' - A classic Venetian dish

Baccala is featured on our cichetti menu as codfish mousse crostini. This version is called ”Mantecato” (or whipped) …a dish I was taught by my Venetian chef mentor Franco Favaretto. Franco is world famous for his Baccala recipes and owns a restaurant in Venice dedicated exclusively to codfish recipes.

Please come and join us at the Grand Cayman Yacht club for your seasonal festivities. Our Waterfront restaurant location is the perfect setting to enjoy Fine Dining in the Cayman Islands. We promise you wonderful authentic Venetian food, warm and cosy hospitality, and a magnificent vista across the Caribbean Sea. And if you would like to try a fresh alternative to roast turkey and Christmas pudding…sample our Baccala and enjoy a real taste of Venice at Christmastime.