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5 Delicious Vegetarian Options at Bacaro - A Waterfront Restaurant in Cayman - Blog

5 Delicious Vegetarian Options at Bacaro - A Waterfront Restaurant in Cayman
02 May 2018
by fede

5 Delicious Vegetarian Options at Bacaro - A Waterfront Restaurant in Cayman

Looking for great vegetarian options while you enjoy fine dining in the Cayman Islands? Look no farther than Bacaro at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club. Our head chef, Federico Destro, a native of Italy, prides himself on using the freshest local ingredients, and he sources the best vegetables in Cayman to prepare small plates that are sure to please the palate of the most discerning vegetarian diners. 

Come to one of the best restaurants in the Cayman Islands for vegetarian offerings that stand out in taste, texture and presentation and are far from the usual humdrum options. Here are some of the creative, delicious options we are happy to serve you:

  • Local Zucchini Parmigiana
    This small plate serving is so versatile; you can enjoy it for lunch, as an evening snack or with dinner. The traditional pairing of fresh zucchini and zesty parmesan cheese brings a taste of Italy to the Cayman Islands.
  • Blue Cheese & Potato Croquettes
    One of our most popular cicchetti (“nibbles”), these croquettes are crispy on the outside with a creamy blue cheese filling. The combination of flavours and textures is delightfully satisfying.
  • Asparagus Flan, Wild Rice, Cauliflower Puree, Parmesan 'Sand'
    This dish is quite a spectacle to behold. Delicate and elegant, the asparagus flan is served on cauliflower puree, topped with cheesy parmesan bits.
  • Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Pine Nuts, Turmeric, Vine Ripened Raisins
    Brussels sprouts are tossed with the perfect portion of pine nuts, seasoned with turmeric and enhanced with vine-ripened raisins. This is also a gluten-free option.
  • Beetroot-Potato Gnocchi, Green Peas, Braised Leek, Shaved Pecorino
    Making pasta is an art, and you will enjoy the gnocchi made by our talented chefs. Braised leek complements the rustic elements of this dish, a hearty small plate with many layers of flavour.

These menu items are not only popular options for vegetarians, but are also enjoyed by all of our diners and are also one of the reasons why we are among the famous restaurants in Grand Cayman. Make a reservation and enjoy a waterfront view along with our top 5 vegetarian options at Bacaro!