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About Us

Welcome to our new Waterfront restaurant in Grand Cayman!

bàcaro is a Famous venetian word to describe a humble restaurant serving good, simple food.

“Venice's Bàcari derive from earlier hostelerie; men coming home from work might stop at one to get an early jump on alcohol consumption. The addition of cheap nibbles was discovered to keep them drinking for a bit longer. Eventually these wine bars got a rather tawdry reputation and went out of style. Then eating small plates became fashionable, and like the evolution of tapas in Spain, the food got a gourmet makeover and the wines started to come from reputable firms--and a whole new era began. Today, eating Cicchetti in Venice is practiced by tourists and locals alike.

A bàcaro is a convivial and comfortable place where wine and food served in small portions called "cicchetti" are served”

This style of food has quickly had many local and visiting guests praise us as ‘the best restaurant in the Cayman Islands’.

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